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Can't visit us?

One of our most popular menu items is our bittersweet chocolate chip cookie, and since they’ve been recognized in multiple magazines, we’ve decided to make them available to everyone. Just visit our contact page and request that we have them shipped to you.

The latest Rustica news

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Accidental Bakers

We never anticipated on baking as a career. We studied Rhetoric, Global Studies, Business or Geography. We worked in offices and restaurants, slinging data entries or coffee, but eventually we all ended up baking together. And for most, we can no longer imagine doing anything else. That is who we

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How’s it feel, Felipe?

There are days where we exchange few words across the shaping table. We are too busy, too tired; we have a rhythm that can’t accommodate words, or we simply have nothing to say. We spend many days standing across each other for ten hours, and there are only so many

Can't Get Enough?

We partner with many restaurants, co-ops, and coffee shops around to provide the best breads and pastries in neighborhoods all over the twin-cities. Take a look at our map to see where you can get Rustica even close to home.